dgj009 Church Frankfurt Riedberg, Frankfurt am Main, Germany , 2007


The church investiagtes the tension between an simple exterior shape of a box, which refers to the urban context, and a complex inner organization. The block forms a strong counter-point to the diversity and loosness of the new quarter Riedberg.

The interior on the contrary is defined by a complex seamingly liquid space which provides a open and adaptive spatial framework to the changing community live.

项目时间 Apr 06 2007 - Sep 17 2007
功能Religious. Community Center
地址 Riedberg , Frankfurt am Main
建筑面积 6,700 m²
建筑体积 19,000 m³
预算 9.0 Mio. EUR
委任员 Protestant Church
委任方Invited Competition
项目团队: Eva Zellmann
项目合伙人: Paul WK Lee
项目阶段: Competition Entry