dgj198 dgj198_Community Centre_in_Herborn, Germany , 2014


In the heterogeneous context, wich is marked of the landscape, different buildings and infrastructure, a simple and accurate positioned building was designed for the community center. Visitors will be guided by the shape of the building to the covered passageway. The building opens generously on both floors towards forecourt and bridge. The situation wich is created is friendly and welcoming. The clear geometry and the flowing space are continued inside the building. The small and the big room are at the heart of the building. The club room is located upstairs above the small hall. It can be used separately or used as an extension of the event area. The building forms a solid back that contains the service rooms and shields the main rooms to the noise of the railway.

looptijd project Nov 01 2013 - Mrt 01 2014
functieReligieus. Wijkcentra, Sport. Vrijetijd
projectstatus: prijsvraaginzending