des001 simpledoubledeux, Zürich, GR/CH/NL/Germany/Korea/DK , 2004

Single, Double and Two Beds

Fotograf: Ralph Feiner


This product was designed as a prototype for the Pigniu House by Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects. After being published in a home magazine alongside a story about the project many requests came in and DGJ decided to start a serial production.

Simpledoubledeux is as surprising as life itself. It's the ideal bed for singles or spare-bed. It adapts to the different needs of yourself and your guests and is a space saving solution. registered design

moulded beech plywood, beech verneer, varnished, customized verneers on demand if feasible, made in Switzerland.

mattress foldable with zipper in off-white or black, perforated latex core with firmer middle zone, pure lamb-wool quilted inside, 100% cotton, cover unzippable, made in Switzerland.

项目时间 2003 - 2004
地址 Riedtlistrasse 27, Zürich
建筑面积 2 m²
预算 2,400 CHF
客户 Drexler Guinand Jaulsin Architects
委任方Direct Comission
项目阶段: built work