dgj230 Mumbai Bridges, Mumbai, , 2016

Circle of Life - an aviary park for Mumbai


An opportunity for the city - the ‘Circle of Life’ is a proposal to blend in with the existing, yet create an icon for the city of Mumbai - its citizens and for the birds that use it on their migratory path. The proposal expands the green area to 55 acres with the addition of a bio cleanser - an organised mangrove that helps clean the river water and become model for the rest of the river edges as it crosses thru Mumbai city. The superior infrastructure of Bandra Kurla Complex imagines the main entry to the park from the north bank - where ample parking is proposed below grade in a public urban scale plaza that receives the pedestrian an cyclists as they cross over the bridge on their work route or becomes the starting point for a visitor or citizen of Mumbai entering the Maharashtra Nature Park.

Projektzeitraum 01.12.2015 - 07.02.2016
NutzungInfrastruktur, Landschaft
Auslober Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority
Mitarbeiter: Daniel Jauslin, Laura Font Gallart, Ward Maaswinkel
Partner: OPOLIS Architects, Royal HaskoningDHV
Projektstatus: Wettbewerbsbeitrag